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MHV Leadership - Great leadership builds a great team.
Ông Nguyễn Đức Việt

Mr. Nguyen Duc Viet
Founder - CEO

Enjoying modeling work since he was in college, he inspired his team with the passion, meticulousness, aesthetic thinking, precision, and accountability placed in each product. phth. With more than 20 years of experience in modeling, he has been orienting Vietnamese Models to create high-class products that meet international standards.

Mrs. Phung Bich Thao
Founder - CFOO

Co-founded the company with the CEO, she created the work structure system to maintain stability and efficiency at each stage of the product creation process. Always being sincere, friendly with customers is the secret to her turning those customers into loyal customers, even friends. Along with her explosive, energetic personality, her enthusiasm inspired the entire team at The Viet Model, making them stronger and more united .

Bà Phùng Bích Thảo

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuan

Having joined since the start of the company, his passion for the model has grown over time and is placed in the training and leadership of the entire team. His intelligent techniques in the development of drawings and material applications have made the entire manufacturing process much more efficient.

Ông Nguyễn Thanh Tuấn
KHAI XUAN 2022.jpg
MHV team - We maintain the quintessential values to become "Artisans" in the field of modeling.
"Specialization" - We specialize in every step of the process to produce the best quality products
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